You or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. You’re shocked. You’re frightened. May be even angry. But then you got busy …

Filling out paper work, making appointments, meeting specialists, dealing with insurance companies, researching the diagnosis and other medical terminology, evaluating treatment options, thinking, planning, trying to understand, explaining to your family and friends and waiting for appointments, results and waiting some more. You’ve been so busy doing, may be it’s been hard to feel anything at all.

 “If I could just catch my breath”, you think to yourself, “I could do this, better . . . “

May be you are feeling an urge to slow it down, to be more present. To carefully consider your choices, and make decisions that feel right, decisions that reflect both your goals and your heart. Perhaps someone mentioned that yoga would be good or you should give meditation a try but frankly it is overwhelming to think of putting another thing on the schedule right now. You need some space, not another appointment.

You know everything will be OK in the end . . .

If you could just remember to take a breath . . . may be if you had someone to teach you how to breathe, how to quiet the mind, to meditate, how to rest peacefully even during stressful or challenging times. You could be the person you want to be as you live this challenging chapter of your life.

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I could be an valued member of your team if …

  • You or someone you love is dealing with cancer or some other chronic or life-threatening disease that is challenging you to evolve, grow and be well even in the face of a health crisis.
  • You are ready to take advantage of some of the innate skills you already have to help you stay present and breath deeply.
  • You would like to learn techniques to manage your stress and sleep better.
  • You want a gentle yoga routine to help you manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatments.
  • You want to help yourself heal. To take positive action on your road to wellness and health.

I’m here to help. Let me show you simple meditation tools and yoga techniques to help you negotiate cancer.

Find your strength and inner peace right now in the midst of the storm, when you need it most.  You can do this. I know you can.

You are so ready for support and a little encouragement.

I help you utilize the tools and techniques of yoga, meditation and self-awareness to uncover your place of quiet, peace and wellbeing even in midst of a cancer diagnosis. Are you interested? Check out my latest blog + articles, and local classes, programs and upcoming events. Enter your email address below and click Sign Me Up to stay in the conversation! Hi ~ I’m Shauna MacKay and I’ve been negotiating cancer since I was 12 when my brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. At 19, my dad had his first of several surgeries to manage metastatic kidney cancer. But it was my mom’s diagnosis of terminal uterine cancer in 2009, that prompted me to share what I’ve learned and lived with others. Finding inner peace and wellness is not only possible when dealing with a cancer diagnosis but is the way to thrive.